• From Life.

  • Mills Gallery at Boston Center for the Arts
    539 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02116
    ARTISTS Piper Brett, Caleb Cole, Emily Eveleth, Dana Filibert, Cig Harvey, Kyle Hittmeier, Annette Lemieux, Megan and Murray McMillan, Noritaka Minami, Hao Ni, Steven Pestana, Shelley Reed, Erin M. Riley and Sarah Wentworth

    Boston, MA—In the rush of everyday life, we occasionally need to hit pause (and reset), but even a moment’s peace can be hard to come by. This frenzy is often furthered by our mutually enabling relationship with technology and a self-inflicted state of constant connectivity. Unwilling to put down our phones to see a sunset, sharing our daily comings and goings with the ghosts in the machine, we self-sabotage our peaceful pursuits and further separate ourselves from ourselves.

    Fertile Solitude hopes to offer a reprieve from the madding crowd, an oasis that coaxes us to look inward and take steps towards overcoming our widespread aversion to introspection.


  • New York's P.P.O.W. Gallery will look at five generations of feminism in a shared booth with Carolee Schneeman, Betty Tompkins, Portia Munson, Aurel Schmidt and Erin M. Riley.

    Frieze London and Frieze Masters return to the Regent's Park running from 6-9 October, 2016.

  • Sara Brennan; Joan Baxter; Jilly Edwards; Yasuko Fujino; Barbara Heller; Tonje Høydahl Sørli; Fiona Hutchison; Ai Ito; Aino Kajaniemi; Valerie Kirk; Ieva Krumina; Rolands Krutovs; Ayako Matsumura; Caron Penney; Erin M Riley; Fiona Rutherford; Kristin Sædertal; Saori Sakai; Philip Sanderson; Pat Taylor; Misao Watanabe.

    Here & Now has been curated in partnership with Lesley Millar, Professor of Textile Culture and Director of the International Textile Research Centre at the University for the Creative Arts, UK. The exhibition will be open to the public Sat 1 Oct – Sun 15 Jan 2017.

  • Installation photo from the pop up group show "Juxtapoz x Superflat" at Pivot Art + Culture in Seattle. The show is curated by Takashi Murakami and Juxtapoz's editor in chief Evan Pricco. It includes 23 emerging and established artists.

  • 18/bi/f/ma
    New works by Erin M. Riley JULY 1 – 26, 2016
    Opening Reception: Friday, July 1, 6-9pm

    Brilliant Champions Gallery is pleased to present 18/bi/f/ma, a solo exhibition of new works by Erin M. Riley. This collection of new tapestries, being the largest to date (some as large as 8 x 8 feet), captures traumatic moments of turmoil in the artists personal narrative, moments of her youth pre-smart phones, and images referencing a battle with Trichotillomania. A formidable depiction of self portraits and the obsessive documentation of an image saturated life.

    In past work, Riley has referenced found images online as well as her own photographs that address sex, social media and feminism. Influenced by the Instagram generation, her subjects have varied from iPhone nude selfies, screenshots of sexual positions and objects of womanhood or sexuality.

    While she continues the dialogue regarding stereotypes around women, feminism and sexual freedom, the exhibition18/bi/f/ma, focuses on Riley’s own personal memories, the knickknacks and tokens of her youth and loves lost. Among these memories is a self portrait of an explicit moment when the artist was rushing to meet with a 4am hookup that resulted in a gashed thigh from shaving. That incident sparked a recurrent, often obsessive routine of pubic grooming, some of which are depicted in the collection.

    The collection offers a visual dialogue that aims to challenge social spheres and stratification. To open that dialogue further, the artist will host pop up events including a panel discussion with leaders in the art industry around topics relating to the artist’s work and practices.

    18/bi/f/ma opens at Brilliant Champions Gallery with a reception on Friday, July 1, 2016 from 6-9pm and is open to the public. The exhibition runs through July 26, 2016 with open hours Tuesday through Saturday from 11am to 5pm and by appointment or chance.

    Brilliant Champions 5 Central Ave Brooklyn, NY 11206 www.brilliant.gallery

    Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 11 am – 5 pm & by appointment

  • Material Girl Magazine Spring/Summer 2016

  • You can find my work in the June/July 2016 issue of American Craft Magazine.